Wednesday, January 03, 2007

A little Love to Survive

Never hang on to the past
The future will be a past to an end
Keepin' my friends all around me
Helps me survive this fight from within'

Heartbreak is all around me
Though I am just too blind to see
Shall I open me eyes to whatever
or shall I hold on till the bitter end

So tell me what does this future hold
Cold wind and bitter rain
I long for warmer climates
Anything to help end this pain

Take me to the future cuz I'm falling
We all need a little love to survive
Tomorrow may just be another day
But I gotta make it through the night (repeat x 2)

The same ole song's play on the radio
A tragic take on loves that are lost
Reachin' out for some answers
Can I pay the final cost

So tell me what does my future hold
No more cold wind and bitter rain
I just need some warmer answers
Anything to help end this pain.

(Repeat chorus and fade)

Copywrite 2007 CerebralWaste


Anonymous the Colonel said...

I got some "warmer answers" this afternoon in "cold New England"; I went kayaking! Never thought that I'd be doing that! In the words of the Cerebral Waste, "Hurray for Global Warming!" I was looking for Al Gore while paddling.

Too bad Alaska & Colorado aren't sharing the blessing.

Life is good. PTL

January 04, 2007 1:31 PM  

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