Sunday, October 16, 2005

College Student Files ADA Complaint for Ferret
Sarah Sevick says her ferret is more than just a pet - the animal is a medical necessity. Sevick, 19, has filed an Americans With Disabilities Act complaint against her school because it won't let her keep the animal in her dormitory. She said she needs the ferret, named Lilly, at Our Lady of the Lake University to calm her during panic attacks. "I'm not suing the school, and I'm not asking for money," she said. I'm just trying to get her here." Sevick said she has post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from a physical disorder and depression. She said her problems are related, legally, to a physical disability. "It's something inside my body that I can't control," she said.
Susan Schleicher, spokeswoman at Our Lady of the Lake, said the university could not comment.
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Notice the last sentence. Poor Susan. You just know she wants to say a few choice and very un-Catholic things towards the Ferret loving twit named Sarah Sevick. Well Susan allow me.

Sarah dear. From a guy who had a Ferret for 10 years do us all a favor, and please don't take offense but take your lawsuit and stick it in your ass. Just what kind of Texas Tea have you been smoking? Or was it something stronger? If your stress is that bad..GO HOME! Do your University work ON LINE. Spare the REAL students and the STAFF at the fine school your BULLSHIT. Save us the TAXPAYERS from your BULLSHIT. I do hope the Judge slaps your suit out of Court like someone beating a Red Headed Step Child.

Save yourself more stress in future you unbridled bitch and go and get your TUBES tied NOW. Can't see you being a parent. God forbid in the future you should spread you legs and squeeeezzze out a bastard child who will be raised with the same penchant for brain farts like you. Holy Mother of Mary what are you thinking girl?
Seriously though, how can you even show your face on Campus? Have you no SHAME? Next time why don't you just file a Lawsuit against your own Mother for giving birth to you in the first place. That ought to help your problems.


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October 22, 2005 7:42 PM  
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