Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year EVERYBODY!

May 2007 bring more stability to the world.


Saturday, December 30, 2006


Subject: Threat from Iraq:

This morning, from a semi remote cave somewhere in Pakistan ,Taliban Minister of Migration and Immigration, Mohammed Omar, "warned" the United States that if military action against Iraq continues, Taliban authorities will cut off America 's supply of convenience store managers.

And if this action does not yield sufficient results, cab drivers will be next, followed byBellSouth, Dell and AOL customer service reps and Motel-6 managers.

This is getting UGLY. How can America survive this?

Have a GREAT day everyone!


Friday, December 29, 2006

Death Watch. Saddam.......

Saddam Hussein's execution is an imminent fate. The "Butcher of Baghdad" will in all short order step up to the gallows and meet the hangman. And it is none to soon.

For decades Saddam TERRORIZED the country and good people of Iraq. Gassing Kurds in the North. Executing 10's of thousand of Shi'. Killing off hundreds if not thousands of his perceived foes. Don't foregt the invasion of Kuwait. His death will be another step towards closure to and for the people of Iraq. Albeit it is a small step, but a very important one at that.

More importantly Saddam is going to be held ACCOUNTABLE for his actions. An unprecedented idea in the region. Accountability to the people. Notice is being served to other despot ARAB leaders in the region that their rule is not absolute. They too may in the future share a similar fate. Action reaction.

It is important to keep in mind that Saddam's execution will not overnight change the current situation in Iraq. It is imperative that the Iraqi's themselves must continue that march themselves. America has and is doing the heavy lifting and will continue to do so. But Iraqi's must work to quell the sectarian violence. More blood will be shed but freedom isn't free and the cost is often a high one.

I for one will take a sense of pleasure is seeing Saddam hang. Authorities in Iraq have stated the execution will be captured on film for the Iraqi National Archives. I do hope it is shown to the public and the sooner the better. In fact it should be on PAY PER VIEW.

Given the chance I would pull the lever myself though I suspect there are millions who also would like to do the same.

So long Saddam. May you burn in HELL.

Saturday, December 23, 2006

Merry Christmas Everybody!

Yeah I know it is a couple of days early but better early than late I say!

Take care and GOD BLESS!