Thursday, July 05, 2007

A little thought I had today..

Every nation secures its borders in some fashion. Some tighter than others. The most repressive regimes build walls to keep their subjects in. Our simply refuse to let them leave on their own free will. What happens when America's borders are left open? Do Americans stream towards the borders in massive hoards to escape? No they don't. But the massive hoards on the other side try and succeed in invading this nation for one reason or another. Some come to try and create a better life for themselves wishing to make America their new home. Others come to work, and work hard to send their hard earned wages back to whatever 3rd world "Hell Hole" they came from. Still many many others come and have a more nefarious agenda.

A secure border is tantamount to a strong nation. It is imperative for this country to survive that we secure not only our Southern border with Mexico but our Northern border with Canada. We can ill afford the cost of illegal immigration anymore. The cost to the American taxpayer is to high. So high that is cutting into vital services that many Americans need, depend on and have a right too. America can longer bare the burden these illegal aliens are imposing upon our society. Don't believe me? Check out your local Hospital Emergency Room. Chances are it is filled with illegal aliens who are using it as a walk in clinic for their ingrown toenails.

Do not forget the security risks involved with open borders. Every citizen of the US has the right to expect and demand that the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT secure the borders and remove those who reside in this nation illegally. It is that simple and there is not a lot of room for a gray area. The situation is as black and white as it can be.

The critical question is why does the government (ie The White House and Congress) fail to grasp the basic tenants of the issue?

A plausible explanation in a nutshell is for the Republican Party illegal aliens mean cheap labor for business. For the Democratic Party illegal aliens mean more voters. While one is legally supposed to be a US Citizen to vote there is NO LAW requiring proof of citizenship to be check at the voting both. Efforts by Republicans to enact legislation requiring ID to be presented at the polls has been repeatedly shot down by the Democrats. There are other factors of course. Some people truly believe that America should have an "open door" policy for immigrants. While I understand and appreciate this sentiment, it is foolhardy at best.

A strong and effective immigration policy doesn't mean you close the door to people seeking a better life. An effective policy insures that those who do come to the US do so in a lawful manner. Do we as a people of the US want criminals from other nations setting up permanent shop within or borders? Murders, Pedophiles and Rapists? Those who want to come to the US should be required to bring something to the table. Something to enrich this country. There has to be a "give and take". We don't need freeloaders collecting welfare and Social Security that are a collective drain on society.

New immigrants should be required to learn English as part of the Citizenship process. One of the strongest and fundamental things that binds a nation together is a common language. Teaching children in the public school system American History in Spanish, Portuguese or any other language is a disgrace. With a bi, tri or quad lingual nation, pride and nationalism are nearly impossible to accomplish. Exceptions to the rule can be found but these are the exceptions.

Some argue that America has always been a "Multi Cultural" society and as a result the current immigration issue is nothing to be worried about. The counter argument is America is not and has not ever been MULTI Cultural. America is MULTI ETHNIC. While the people who have made up the face of the nation have been from all four corners of the Earth past immigrants have considered themselves Americans once they arrived. They worked hard in their jobs. Learned the language and strived to blend into society. They demanded their children go to school and get an education. They wanted and believed in this nation. And they succeeded.

The current immigrants we are challenged with are refusing to learn English. In many parts of the country basic traffic signs are now bi lingual.They are not instilling themselves or their children with a sense of nationalistic pride about America. The drop out rate from high school is as high as 70% even 80% in some urban areas. They do not wave the flag of this country, choosing to instead wave the flag from whatever country they come from at pro immigration rallies. They do not offer in any great numbers to serve in the Military, even though Military Service is pathway to "fast track" Citizenship. They seem to want all the rights and benefits of being an American without the duties and responsibilities that come with it. Income tax avoidance is rampant as well as a general disrespect for the law. Starting with their illegal entry into the country and yet most claim they want to be an American.

A true and comprehensive Immigration Reform bill that is passed into law will allow for people to come to the US providing they do so legally. We can start by deporting the 12 to 20 million that are here illegally now. New applicants cannot have a criminal record from their home country. They must have a job and pay taxes. NO Welfare or Social Security. There can be ZERO tolerance for a new immigrant that breaks the law. If convicted of a felony (and that includes Drunk Driving, Unregistered Car and Driving without Insurance) they must be deported. They should be required to learn English and pass not only a written but ORAL test as well. A basic American History test should also be given as well as having to name EVERY STATE and its Capitol. New immigrants should also bring something to the table besides a strong back. Those with a degree or qualified trade or skill should be given precedence. Children born to immigrant parents while waiting to EARN citizenship should not be given automatic citizenship as the law is now. The "Anchor Baby" law must be scrapped.

If they truly want to be an "American" then they must show us that they do. If these points are enacted this country can separate the wheat from the chaff.


Blogger The Zoal said...

I think your blog just made it into the ACLU "hateful speech" watch list...

July 09, 2007 11:06 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...


I don't care if the ACLU likes me or not. In fact I hope they don't! Then atleast I know what I have written is making an impact.

If you have a problem with what I have written please tell me with a post or drop me an email. My address is


July 10, 2007 5:33 AM  

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