Sunday, July 16, 2006

CW Interviews.... BAHRAINI RANTS!
When push comes to shove as it often does and you need a good laugh, few sites can match Bahraini Rants! Quick witted and filled with humour BR can let loose with the best of them. A quick look at his tag line says it all.. "I RANT YOU RISTEN" sums it up and just about says it all about BR. Don't belive me? Take a look yourself!

No topic seems to be off limits with him as well. June of 2006 marked the 2 year anniversary of his blog and topics have ranged from enticing short stories to comical rants on the most serious of issues. Heck BR had the foresight to pick this years World Cup winner. If only I would have taken his advice I could have been RICH on that one! Who could argue with that kind of forsight?

Without a doubt his blog should be on everybody's daily visit list. And don't stop there. Sort through the archives as well. You won't be disappointed! His patented Vocabulario posts are a great way to get the gray matter between the ears stimulated to a degree that will get you thinking and make you smarter as well. There is something for everyone on his blog. I guarantee it!

So when I asked Bahraini Rants if he would agree to sit down and down an interview first comment was "Well it's about bleepin' time you asked!" So he agreed eagerly to step into the "Cerebral Waste Interview Hotseat" (tm) and fire back what I shot at him. I hope you enjoy it!

Tell us a little about yourself BR. Married? Single? Dating?

Unconventional Bahraini, involved with an amazing bit of amazing, loves cheeseburgers, trouble, and can keep excellent company. If you were my friend and wanted to say something nice, you'd say I'm a self-centered music junkie with a penchant for bands you've never heard of.. People that know me well, know that I have random conversations with myself, keep lists of everything, and can be a glutton at times with food.. and if you want to get into my pants, a box of "After Eight Chocolates"..

What professional field are you working in right now in Bahrain?

I'm currently a suit…

Did you have a hard time adjusting to life in the US? Or had you been in the US prior to going to University?

Actually the only problem I had to deal with in terms of adjusting was getting over the depression you'd get from the colder months.. I had one winter in particular in which I just couldn't cope with very little sunlight.. It's funny how important sunlight is to us, reminds me of Birdman and how the power of the sun was the only thing that kept him going, in a way, we were all birdmen, or birdpersons for that matter, I should just stop now shouldn't I?

What do you miss about Boston? Any plans to return soon? I have Patriots tickets you know!

Boston was a great city to live in.. There are a lot of things I miss about that city.. but I think if I had to name a few: Empandas from pizza ring, the enormous room in Central Square, quiet movie theatres in the suburbs, the "Improper Bostonian" newpaper, liquor stores that had bars on the windows, bookstores, summer grilling, the abundance of crack addicts and bums on my morning walk to work, the steak at the Franklin Café, Science Museum, walking around, Memorial Drive on a Sunday, bottega fiorentina, Harvard Square, road trips… plans to return? Someday I'm sure..

I know you follow The Boston Red Sox and The New England Patriots. How do you feel these teams are going to perform this season?

I don't really know much about the Pats anymore, the games are shown so late over here that I can't get into a football game at 12AM till 4 on a work night.. I still read up about them and hope they do well though.. I do still follow the Red Sox though.. Over the years, the main thing I've learned from being a red sox fan is that they scrape through the season, they make it to the playoffs, and then they break your heart, every season.. this season has started off on the right foot, the team looks solid and I feel that they've made some good trades. The management has made some excellent tactical changes and slashing down on the egos a bit.. I'm not holding my breath though..

Who are your favorite players on the Sox and Pats? Do you think the Pats and the SOX have a good chance at going all the way to the "Big Dance" this year?

I'll skip the gridiron question.. As for the sox,, I'm excited about Papelbon and how well he's maturing, Beckett's also one I've got high hopes for.. Big Papi has been our savoir this season.. and Mani is just a big big player, over 2,000 hits now? Amazing.. Jason Varitek has always been their pillar, or was the goatee the pillar?? We'll never know.. Youklis and Loretta have been consistent for us as well, Loretta's surprised me.. Will the Sox go all the way?? In order to avoid disappointment, I'm going to say no comment..

Do you follow the New England Revolution Soccer (Football) team at all?

The truth… no, I think the MLS is pathetic,, the fact that they changed the rules of the game to appeal to the American public is horrible and shows disdain for the game.. I believe they need to spend more money in promoting football.. The Ertugun brothers did everything they could to get the NASL going in the 1970s and funded the New York Cosmos (bringing players like Pele, Neeskens, and Beckenbauer), the MLS needs some football mad owners to get involved and bring more attention to the game..

What team is going to win the WORLD CUP?

Since this is a dated question, I'll just take a moment here and say that I was supporting Italy from the start.. I even won the office bragging rights pool..

Your have written often on your blog about music and your musical taste is quite varied? What are some of the bands or musicians you listen too?

Well I've got hurricane by Bob Dylan stuck in my head right now.. I'm currently stuck on this contemporary indie rock thing that I haven't been able to shake off, but it's a whole broad spectrum of stuff that I listen to.. I've been listening to dirty pretty things (Libertines without Pete Doherty, excellent), Hard-Fi, Gnarls Barkley, a house mix from this nightclub in New York city, and the Glen Miller Orchestra (all over the place I know)..

Do you play any instruments yourself? Or are you just an iPOD addict?

I would say I'm a laughable guitar player that needs to practice his scales.. I do write the funny lyrics when we jam though.. I also play a mean Caracas, and electric cowbell.. one of my resolutions for 2006 (that I've failed miserably) was to take piano lessons.. since we've got a piano at home I thought I'd make some use of it.. Daydreams of being the Bahraini Thelonious Monk got me to contacting some piano instructors.. Telling them you're a twentysomething lad looking for a private piano tutor didn't go down too well, they thought I was some pervert or something who lures unsuspecting piano teachers to his den of filth and then proceeds to seduce them as he practices playing "chopsticks" in the buff..

What prompted you to start blogging? Were you influenced by anyone in particular?

I started blogging because I needed a release for the voices in my head.. Not many people know this little bit of Bahraini blogging trivia, but Mahmood of fame got his first idea of blogging from me.. we were sitting down and I said, "Mak (I call him mak).. you need to do something with your free time, have you ever heard of this new phenomenon called blogging? I'm thinking of trying it out" and just like Neil Armstrong beat Buzz Aldrin to walking on the moon.. mahmood beat me to blogging, swiping me of my rightful title of the godfather of bahraini blogging... The first blog I actually got really addicted to was "Where is Raed" by Salam Pax.. I started reading it religiously in 2002, finding out about life in Iraq before the war.. Whenever he went missing and wouldn't post for a couple of days, we'd (his readers) all get worried fearing the worst.. being able to read about what was happening in Iraq at the time, during the war and the aftermath without the spin that the media put on it was incredible.. Salam's now moved to bigger and better things and has signed a book deal..

Do you go through any particular process prior to posting? Or are your posts more spontaneous in nature?

I don't really have a set format in which the posts are published.. sometimes I write and then save and close to come back to at another time, other times I just write something real quick and post.. no real format.. I do have an inner circle of first press readers who tell me whether the post is fine or stupid or whatever..

How would you categorize yourself in the Bahraini blogging world?

I'm a nobody in the realm of Bahraini blogging.. nobody loves me.. nobody comments, nobody links to me.. I'm suffering from a case of "poor me" can you tell?

Have you ever considered blogging in Arabic or doing a "Mirror Blog" of your own?

I don't think my ramblings would come out right in Arabic… instead of just misunderstood eccentricity, I think people would think I'm certifiably insane..

Are you close to any of the other Bahraini bloggers?

I've been taken off so many blogger emailing groups and stuff, I don't think they like me too much…

Do you have any big plans to expand your blog?

If I can bother to get off my lazy ass and find someone who'll help me, yes.. otherwise, maybe..

I had the privilege of attending one of the "Bahraini Blogger Meetup's" when I was back in Bahrain and I had a wonderful time. Have you attended any of these "Meetup's"? Did you come away from it like I did with a stronger appreciation of the power of the blogging world like I did?

Unfortunately, I haven't been able to attend the blogger meetups, mainly due to timing issues.. to be Frank, Shirley, blogging in bahrain has become a little stale with the hype having died down and updates becoming less frequent.. Everything started so strong with regular posts and interesting points of view, and now, we're left with a graveyard of dead blogs.. Personally, I feel that in order for blogging to survive, it's gotta have a purpose and be well defined (that's why my blog stinks). If you want to blog about politics, then you need to be at every single Parliament session, you need to keep everything focused on politics. If you want to post pictures about life in Bahrain, then focus your blog on pictures. If it's shawarma stands you'd like to rate, then make it the Bahraini shawarma blog.. (just remember I started it here first)..

You have posted some very well written pieces on your blog. Including that wonderful beginning to what could be called a short story or perhaps a full fledged book. Have you considered expanding on your talents and look deeper into writing as a career?

Thank you for your comments on some of my posts (the check is in the mail like we talked about).. do I consider myself a writer? That short story I wrote was just a brain fart lingering around a little too much.. I'd love to eventually write something epic, but until I find the time to do, you're going to have to bear with me..

How do you feel about the current political and economic reforms that are taking place in Bahrain? Mark, you know I don't do politics.. I'm hopeful and optimistic, much to the chagrin of my colleagues.

What is one thing the US could do to help the current situation in the Middle East?

The US could go into a period of splendid isolationism like it did in the 20s and teach the rest of the world a lesson about globalization and how everyone needs everyone else, and then come back and we can all be one happy family... just a thought..

And the single most important question. What is you favorite shawarma place on the Island?

I don't really have a favourite shawarma place in Bahrain.. if I had to choose the popular choice it would have to be Burgerland.. funny isn't it? The best shawarma place comes from a place named after burgers.. that's like me saying the best tofu vegan sandwich comes from bobs butchered burger shack.. well not really like it.. but close enough.. Actually the best shawarma in Manama right across from Awal Cinema, can't remember what it's called, but they have great shawarma.. I think a shawarma blog would be a good idea.. (ed's note... ME TOO!)


Anonymous the Colonel said...

...but does he like Panera?

July 16, 2006 1:44 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

I don't think BR knows about Panera.

It is probably a good thing there is no Panera Bread in Bahrain or I might never leave the Island!

July 16, 2006 3:22 PM  
Blogger tooners said...

ok, i'm assuming my interview wasn't interesting enough?!! :(

July 17, 2006 12:53 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

Not by a long shot Tooners! In fact... YOUR UP NEXT!!!!!

July 17, 2006 3:53 AM  
Blogger tooners said...

glad to hear it!!! didn't want to get pissy! ;) ;)

July 18, 2006 1:51 AM  
Blogger tooners said...

but... i do hope it's interesting!

July 18, 2006 1:53 AM  
Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

another little bit of bahraini blogging trivia: chanad is actually allergic to seafood..

i can't believe the sox had such a useless run against the A's.. not that i can't believe it, the A's are a solid team.. but our lead in the AL east standings has almost disappeared..

to answer your question, the Panera bread company was pretty good.. if memory serves me correctly (it rarely does) they had some good sandwiches..

July 18, 2006 7:23 AM  
Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

July 18, 2006 7:23 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

Yes BR Panera has good EVERYTHING. I am there at least 3 days a week. The FREE WIFI is also a good plus!

July 18, 2006 11:03 AM  

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