Sunday, October 23, 2005

from the NO PARKING ZONE.. DUH!!!!!!!!
Car Ticketed With Dead Body at the Wheel
The body of the 71-year-old man, whose identity was not immediately released, was discovered Thursday in a parking lot in the southern city of Melbourne, The Age newspaper reported Friday. The man had been reported missing nine days earlier and was known to be seriously ill, the newspaper said.

Nevertheless, a parking officer who inspected the vehicle failed to notice the man inside and issued the parking fine two days before his body was discovered.

Paul Denham, the mayor of Maroondah council, where the man was found, said the parking officer was "distressed" to learn that the dead man had been inside the car.
"Our local laws officer checked and wrote out the ticket at the rear of the vehicle and placed the ticket from the passenger side on the windscreen," Denham said in a statement. "The local laws officer did not notice anything unusual regarding the vehicle, and is extremely distressed to have learned of the situation.

Well I am so so glad to know that the officer is distressed over his incompetency! Doesn't it just make you feel all warm and fuzzy to know this fact... Now let's review the facts. The man had been reported missing, presumably with the auto, for 9 days and was also known to be SERIOUSLY ill as well. Melbourne isn't that big of place for this kind of thing to slip through the cracks. What this shows is how incompetent Civil Service employees are no matter what country or continent they are on. Of course I doubt anything will happen to this "FINE" officer. At the very least he owes the family an apology and if he was any kind of a MAN he would turn in his paper badge and lead pencil and get a REAL job that doesn't require him to be placed in any form of "Public Security". A city's greed for Parking tickets is more powerful and means more than the life of a taxpaying human. Nice Job Melbourne Australia..NOT!


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