Sunday, October 30, 2005


Today (fingers crossed!) a true MAN's MAN will walk onto the battlefield. Dawn the gear and take his position on the turf. Eight long months after having being leveled with a STROKE in his home, the New England Patriots number 54, TEDY BRUSCHI will make his return to the field!

Bruschi can only be described as leader and a true Patriot. Not only has he battled back from a very serious medical problem but Bruschi, unlike many "professional" athletes in this era is not just after the money and fame. (T.O. anyone?*) What many don't know is Bruschi took roughly a 2 million dollar pay cut to stay with the Pats. Money he could have demanded from the PATS or any other team. Instead he chose to stay with the team he loves. He's a MAN's MAN and can be best described in one word... CLASS.

Welcome Back # 54! You have been missed! Now kick some Bills' ASS!!!!!!

* Little did I know but the Eagles Terrell Owens has now been Suspended Indefinitely for bad conduct off the field. November 6th 2005


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