Tuesday, October 25, 2005

This isLONDON25/10/05 - Showbiz section
NEW BOND: I HATE GUNS!!! By This is London
Daniel Craig will have a problem playing the new James Bond - because he hates guns.
The actor will wield 007's famous Walther PPK in the movie Casino Royale.
But he revealed in OK! magazine: "I hate handguns. Handguns are used to shoot people and as long as they are around, people will shoot each other.
"That's a simple fact. I've seen a bullet wound and it was a mess. It was on a shoot and it scared me. Bullets have a nasty habit of finding their target and that's what's scary about them."
Nor does the 37-year-old share Bond's love of Martinis shaken and stirred.
"I love a Martini straight up. I don't think anybody makes a Martini stirred any more," he said.
Craig was unveiled earlier this month as the successor to Pierce Brosnan. He will play a tougher, grittier 007 in Casino Royale, which is based on Ian Fleming's first Bond book.
The movie is due for release in November next year.
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This is the BRAINFART du jour hands down. Perhaps for the month. Please o please don't tell me we are going to have a Politically Correct 007. Lord help us all. I want my BOND killing people to save the world with his Walther PPK. I want him throwing caution to the wind with the ladies and not wearing a condom. I want my Bond passing sexual innuendos with Ms. Moneypenny and being snide with Q and M. Above all I want my BOND to be a MANS MAN. Not some panty waste liberal pinko who doesn't have the SPINE and Testicular fortitude to stand up to a personal attack. I am afraid from the looks of this the new 007 isn't going to pass the "Bond, James Bond" sniff test.

Please prove me wrong but this is not a good first step to proclaim your disdain for the very thing 007 is known for and then take a fat paycheck to portray the very character and actions you don't like. HYPOCRITE or the word Money WHORE come to mind anyone? Going once...Twice... Three times??????????


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