Monday, December 12, 2005

Kuwait plans one-km-tall skyscraper

Blueprints for a kilometre-tall skyscra-per have been drawn up by UK architects, who hope to see the record-breaking structure commissioned in Kuwait, reports. At 1001 metres, the tower would be almost twice the height of the world's tallest building today, the Taipei 101 in Taiwan, which stands at 509 metres. The new building would also dwarf the Burj Dubai, a building under construction in Dubai that is expected to stand 700-800 metres tall once completed in 2008

Architecture firm Eric Kuhne and Associates, based in London, UK, has drawn up plans for the skyscraper. Although the designs have yet to be made public, the company is reported to be in talks with the Kuwaiti government about construction. Representatives told the Architects' Journal that the Kuwaiti government is considering commissioning the building for a city called Madinat al-Hareer, or the 'City of Silk'. The skyscraper would take an estimated £84bn to construct and 25 years to complete.

25 years to complete and 84 billion Pounds or roughly 100 billion Euro's give or take. Don't you think that money could be better used than building the worlds tallest building? Unless this is some very forward looking thinking by the Governement of Kuwait to later employee the unemployed natives I can't see a reason for this. Other than bragging rights which of course won't last for long. If I was a Kuwaiti I would say pump the 100+ Million Euros into the Society of Kuwait and use that money to promote furthur Democratic reforms and plan for a future sans oil revenue. Look for Kuwait to anounce this project soon and for Dubai to follow with one of its own.

The Saudi's of course will then have to get in the game then Qatar and Oman to follow. Bahrain won't play the game for several reasons. One the project would SINK the island. No not in terms of Dinars but the Island could not support a structure like that and Yemen doens't have the cash to even THINK about something like this. Needless to say the game is on and in the end it is the people who wind up paying the bill and swallowing the pill.


Anonymous the Colonel said...

Andy Serkis is looking forward to climbing it.

December 27, 2005 5:44 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

Yeah but is Peter Jackson footing the bill?????????

December 27, 2005 6:03 AM  

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