Monday, March 27, 2006

Whose Been Drinking the Kool Aide?

For one it is actor Charlie Sheen. The ex prostitute visiting baseball throwing high school dropout has some "interesting" views on 9-11. We all know just how far left his father is but this new rant by the Kool Aide drinking Charles is too much! I won't get into the specifics here but this Disinformation :: Charlie Sheen's 9/11 Interview Attracts Media Attention sums it up pretty well.

All of this makes me wonder just what makes these people sip from the poison Kool Aide cup in the first place and does the general public at large even give a shit? And you don't have to be a celebrity to enjoy the drink either.

My good friend DIB has been known to sip the drink now and then. Though I pretty sure at times he only pretends to drink the Kool Aide and to be honest DIB's views are nothing as looney as Sheen's. A recent event in DIB's life will forever change his views on most things but that is for DIB to announce... I won't out him! The recent event that is! But from all practical standpoints what makes the looney left continue to be blind to the big picture? Is it not common sense that the US MUST protect itself from Muslim extremists that wish to do us harm? Is it not common sense that the US has the RIGHT to police it borders and evict those who are in the US ILLEGALY? Is it not common sense that it should be "Illegal" to be in the US "illegally"?

Facts are facts to most but the "looney left" likes to ignore the facts in order to promote it own agenda. To be fair the "right" does the same to a certain extent as well but it is the "looney left" that seems intent on selling the US out to the highest bidder and that doesn't mean the bids are in "cash' either. From immigration, to taxes to sex offenders registry's the Kool Aide drinking crowd seem diametrically opposed to these common sense ideas at the most basic level.

Common sense says if your not supposed to be in the country the you need to leave. If you won't do it on your own then by force if needed. I support immigration 100%. LEGAL IMMIGRATION. As with 99.999% of all Americans my ancestors came from another country. THEY DID IT in A LEGAL and proper manner. I don't think that is too much to ask from anyone else that wants to come here and live. Common sense and facts tell us that lower taxes HELP the economy. Even the poster boy of the Democratic part JFK understood this. It is the dirty little secret of the DNC. Time and time again this has been showed to be true. Basic common sense dictates that all citizens have a right to know what sexual perverts are living in their neighborhood. Forget about the issue of why these rapist, child molesters and sexual perverts aren't rotting in Jail in the first place. To the "Kool Aide" drinkers these perverts just need a "hug" and someone to tell them they are loved.. please.......

So today look around the people you know and ask yourself how many of them have drunk or are drinking the "Kool Aide". More importantly are YOU drinking it?

AS A CURIOUS UPDATE/SIDENOTE. These numbers come from an online Poll conducted by AOL and I think the numbers are quite telling as to where the American Public stands on the subject on ILLEGAL Immigration. It seems the vast majority of those polled are not drinking the "Kool Aide" at least on the immigration issue.

Would you support a temporary worker program?
Total Votes: 137,196

Would you support erecting a fence along the Mexican border?
Total Votes: 103,709

Should those who sneak across the border be treated as felons?
Total Votes: 104,412

How big of an issue is illegal immigration?
Not at all
Total Votes: 104,292

Should those already in the country have a path to citizenship?
Total Votes: 109,178


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Right on.

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