Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Patrick Kennedy Pleads Guilty to DUI
Congressman Sentenced to Probation and Treatment

WASHINGTON (June 13) - Rep. Patrick Kennedy pleaded guilty Tuesday to driving under the influence of prescription drugs and was sentenced to undergo court-ordered drug treatment and a year's probation
Kennedy, D-R.I., also was fined at least $350 in connection with his middle-of-the-night car crash last month near the U.S. Capitol.

In exchange, two other charges against Kennedy were dismissed: Reckless driving and failure to exhibit a driving permit.

Accompanied by his lawyer, Kennedy entered his plea Tuesday afternoon before Superior Court Magistrate Judge Aida Melendez. "I am pleading guilty to driving under the influence," Kennedy said.

Note that "Patches" doesn't loose his license to drive, not even the dreaded "Community Service" that the rest of us would receive for a DUI. No, not for Patches. You see Patches is a KENNEDY and not only do KENNEDY's feel they are above the law, as this case shows they are, more often than not. Sadly this pill popping alcohol swilling rumb swab is still driving. Ready able and willing to cause mayhem and harm. You would think Patches would have learned a lesson from his "Old Man" Ted, who we all know had a wee little problem a few years ago with booze, a car and a bridge on Martha's Vineyard. A problem that resulted in a young lady being killed. All I can say to you DC area readers is keep your eyes open and it is better to hit PATCHES before he hits YOU!


Blogger Sabra said...

Good Lord, CW, if I didn't know you - just a little - which is all I do know you - God, I'd think you were from Boston! Regards, BT

June 13, 2006 3:25 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...


I can't claim to be a native Bostonian but have lived here for more than half of my life!

BTW I haven't forgot about what I need to ask you. I have been very busy and I don't see it letting up for another week or so.

June 13, 2006 4:06 PM  

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