Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Bank robber felt bad and tried to return cash
By The Associated PressTuesday, November 8, 2005
A man who allegedly robbed a bank of $1,100 yesterday made it easy on police.
Authorities said that just minutes after Andre M. Ellis, 39, robbed an ESB Bank in Ambridge, Beaver County, they caught him standing in front of the bank trying to return the money.
"He felt bad about it, so he tried to do the right thing," said Ambridge police Chief David Sabol. "I've never seen anything like it."
The heist didn't appear to be the work of a hardened bank robber.
According to police, Ellis walked into the bank just before 10 a.m. and slipped a teller a note asking for money. It also asked for God's forgiveness and said he wouldn't be robbing a bank if he wasn't in trouble, police said.
After Ellis left, bank employees called authorities, who fanned out across the area to look for him. Within minutes, an assisting officer from Harmony Township called Ambridge police to say the suspect was standing outside the bank.
He had been knocking on the now-locked bank's windows, trying to get employees' attention.
Ellis, of Ambridge, was charged with robbery, theft and receiving stolen property. He was jailed after failing to post $100,000 bond.

Please welcome Mr. Ellis as CerebralWaste's winner of the BRAIN FART du jour!!!!!!!! It was a toss up between this asswipe and Chirac in France. Since this jackass is going to be a guest in Club Fed for a while I figure his chances of getting the honor again are slim and none. Chirac on the other hand continues to.. well you know!


Anonymous HaHa said...

Can I nominate someone for the Brainfart thing you do? If so I say it should be that guy named MALIK!

November 09, 2005 5:59 PM  

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