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Well this one wasn't planned but I though it might provide a little insight into the current problem the US faces with illegal aliens. The interviewee shall be referred to as PEDRO. Which is NOT his real name, as I don't want to over expose him. And I did change the name of the town he mentioned he worked in just to be safe.

I doubt "Pedro's" story is unique and nor should any sane and rational person either. Pedro is somewhat a victim. A victim of circumstances and a system that doesn't off much hope for a person from the land south of the Rio Grande. It does beg the debate on IF the millions and millions of the "Pedros" in the US illegally should be allowed to stay. If so... How many and how do we decide who should stay and who should go. That is a judgement I will not submit to you at this point. Though you can probably figure out just how I stand on this issue from my other posts.

So I hope you enjoy part 1 of 3 with PEDRO THE ILLEGAL ALIEN in Massachusetts.

CW: Pedro.. Thanks for sitting down with me. Let me ask you Pedro, how long have you been in the US

Pedro: 4 almost 5 years amigo....

CW: Are you here legally?

Pedro No Senor.. I am what you would call illegal.

CW: How did you get to the US?

Pedro: I crossed the border in Texas at night with the help of a coyote?

CW: What is a coyote?

Pedro: Coyote is one who helps people from Mexico get into the US.

CW: Did you pay this person?

Pedro: Not really senor. I carried two Kilo's of marijuana for him as my form of payment.

CW: Does it bother you that you knowingly brought illegal drugs into the US?

Pedro: No senor.. I needed to come to your country to work and didn't have the money to pay.

CW: How did you get to Massachusetts?

Pedro. I worked at a golf course in Texas for a year and saved some money. I heard there was better free benefits in Massachusetts. So me and some friends took some busses to Springfield then to Boston.

CW: Did you find Massachusetts had better Social Services once you got here?

Pedro: Si senor. I did.

CW: In what manner? How?

Pedro: More money and health care. I also am able to vote in Massachusetts and no problem with drivers license. (Pedro show me his MA Drivers License)

CW: VOTE? Excuse me are you an American Citizen?

Pedro: No Senor.. I went to the Town hall in my city I live and registered to vote. No problem.

CW: (Pedro shows me his voter ID card I am flabbergasted) Have you voted?

Pedro: Si, yes I have.

CW: You are aware the United States of America does not allow for non US Citizens, let alone illegal aliens to participate in Elections by Voting?

Pedro. Si.. I understand.

CW: But you are voting anyway?

Pedro: Si.. I want to protect my welfare benefits.

CW: How do you do that?

Pedro: I vote for the Democrats. (he pronounces this as DEE MO Crats)

CW: Do you work or have a job

Pedro: I have work in two places.. An auto wash and landscape company in Belmont town.

CW: Are you paying taxes?

Pedro: Taxes.. I pay sales tax is that what you mean? My job pay cash.

CW: Do you have health insurance?

Pedro: I have Mass Health.. (Mass Health is the Commonwealth of Massachusetts's health insurance for the poor. Pedro offered no proof other than saying he had MassHealth)

CW: So what happens when you get sick or injured?

Pedro: I cut my hand on a cutting tool once and had to have stitches. My boss told me to tell the Doctor at the ER I cut myself on some glass at home and I did. When I first came to this country I had a cough and the doctor in Texas made me take some pills every day for a long time.


Anonymous Chanad said...

Cheers for this CW. I'm looking forward to the rest of the interview.

April 04, 2006 3:10 AM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...


Thanks for stopping by. I will have the next two parts up in the coming days. I am still editing the interview.

April 04, 2006 3:55 AM  
Anonymous the Colonel said...

I heard the other day that a Congressman was asked his opinion on illegal immigration. He looked at the reporter like the guy was crazy. "What do you mean? It's illegal!"

April 05, 2006 5:31 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Colonel

Sir, and this surprises you? It wouldn't surprise me if there is a Congressman (or two)that is an illegal alien!

April 16, 2006 1:24 PM  

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