Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Part 2 with Pedro the illegal alien picks up right at the point where part 1 left off. Pedro's demanor in this phase is starting to change a bit. He seems agitated and nervous, yet answers for the most part the questions asked.

CW: So Pedro do you have family in the US?

Pedro: Si My brother and cousin are here. They came after me in Texas.

CW : Are they in the local area?

Pedro: Si yes..

CW: What do they do?

Pedro: I do not want to tell you?

CW: Why not

Pedro: They are scared of the Police. They where driving in a car and had an accident and they had no insurance so they kept going.

CW: Does this bother them and you that they had been driving a car illegally in the US and had an accident and possibly hurt someone and they didn't have the decency to stop and wait for the police?

Pedro: They have to drive to get to work. They need money.

CW: So you feel their actions are justified?

Pedro: (pleading) They must drive to get to work. THEY NEED THE MONEY.

CW: So all you and your cousins care about is the money? Do you even give a shit about America?

Pedro: I like America I send money home for family but I do hope no one was hurt in the accident.

CW: A crime was committed by your cousins and YOU are aware of said crime under the law, as such you have an obligation to report this to the police. Why have you not done this?

Pedro I do not answer that. (squirms in his seat)

CW: Do you feel you need to obey the law?

Pedro: Si I try to obey the law?

CW: But you are in the US admittedly "ILLEGALY", you brought at least 2 kilo's of drugs in to the US and you are personally aware of someone who is involved in the hit portion of a Hit n' Run accident is this your version of trying to obey the law?

Pedro: (upset) I don't rob, I don't steal I work I send money home for my family.

CW: Do you want to stay in America?

Pedro: Si yes I love America.

CW:Then why do you and your cousin and brother ignore and break OUR law(s)?

Pedro: I try to obey the law senor.... I want to be legal and bring my family to America. (I sense this issue is going nowhere and Pedro is more than a little agitated at my questions.)

CW: Ok Pedro I just want to get this straight for the record: You entered the US illegally carrying 2 kilos of drugs, you work under the table and don't pay taxes, you illegally participate in the election process by voting for which you have no legal right to do so. You suffered a work place injury and lied to the hospital about it. You have a brother and a cousin who are aware of being involved in HIT and Run accident with possible personal injury and you failed to report it and you say you try to obey the law?

Pedro: I need to work for the money...... I try to obey the law...

CW: Ok Pedro lets move on to some other issues. How much money do you send back home:

Pedro: Almost all that I earn senor. I only keep enough to pay my rent of buy some food.

CW: You have a car correct? Is that it? The Honda that looks like something out of the movie "The FAST and THE FURIOUS"? Is it insured?

Pedro: Si I have that Honda I insure it.

CW: So you don't spend much money in the economy?

Pedro: No sir I send all the money I can home. I want to bring my sister to America too.

Part 3 will be up in a day or two...................... Thanks!


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