Monday, January 09, 2006

Discarded Mouse Returns to Set Home Ablaze
FORT SUMNER, N.M. (Jan. 8) - A mouse got its revenge against a homeowner who tried to dispose of it in a pile of burning leaves. The blazing creature returned to the man's house and set it on fire.
Luciano Mares, 81, of Fort Sumner said he caught the mouse inside his house and wanted to get rid of it.
"I had some leaves burning outside, so I threw it in the fire, and the mouse was on fire and ran back at the house," Mares said from a motel room Saturday.
Village Fire Chief Juan Chavez said the burning mouse ran to just beneath a window of the nearby home. The flames spread up the window and throughout the house.
All contents of the home were destroyed, he said. No injuries were reported.
Unseasonably dry and windy conditions have charred more than 53,000 acres and destroyed 10 homes in southeastern New Mexico in recent weeks.
"I've seen numerous house fires," village Fire Department Capt. Jim Lyssy said, "but nothing as unique as this one."
via the AP and AOL's shitty service. Friends don't let friends use AOL.
Kind of gives new meaning to revenge is a dish best served cold err hot huh?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Forget that Mouse breathed fire

Whether we like it weather has rules. It can be a "real" experience by total surprise and out of virtual "nowhere."

It has been spring in winter. Warm and teasing hot at times. With that came unexpected very forceful winds. Suddenly all were ovewhelmed with fifty sixty mile per hour throws. We did have notice as dark thick beautiful clouds eased toward us.

The breeze, then gusts, that came with this heavy heaven could pick you up and put you flat on your back quickly.

We tied everything down, outside, for safety of course. None could move. 'cept alittle. Our determined effort was made as the movements of nature were already upon us.

From close up, and safe inside, we watched trees move. Big, hard, bending and wrapped in this balmy call. The sky was animated with gestures sublime and dramatic.

Of course we left some things outside to see the fireworks of natures' capture. The tables were tied down but in motion as some wild spirit was under and over them.

The screaming winds overtook everything without formality. "Hi, I'm the Wind, -You're Mine Now!-"

The drinking bucket for the dogs, and suspected wolves, kept lifting to foretell the coming. On a tilt the water would spray from one side of the cradle lip. That was actually dreamy to watch because it was unexpected and dance-like. A nice big bucket which was very full for thirsty beasts.

A chair flew by. Unoccupied. Ready for delivery to somewhere. Who could sit through this anyway??? Chairs that find people on their own?

The safety ropes, on everything, were pulled hard then appearing to smile when on recoil. Only to be drawn with more hard holding pulls... The furniture had eyes and a voice that said; 'Can we survive this rhythm? It's quite intense and fun but anything could happen...?'

Did the earth move??? Everything on it sure did!!!

Held on edge endlessly; the water bucket exploded. It reached a threshold and went boom!. The water never hit the ground. Just shot out into an abyss as volcano to ocean heaven all around it.

That bucket got caught in a bush where it whipped back and forth almost happily. "Yippie!, look at me, I'm alive!"

When IT all stopped we were were so happy. We hugged and kissed as if G-d was tickling us. But that water bucket was just hanging, happy but somehow wishing it was moving again.

Well, there's always tomorrow.

There was more too! Someone's laundry was spread all over our big tree. High and low it looked underwear Christmas. Nice colors too.

Without words we wondered who gave us such an unusual and spirited gift to remember the moments...

January 21, 2006 9:23 PM  
Blogger Cerebralwaste said...

You have an interesting writing style. Mind leaving your name next time so we all can know who you are?

January 22, 2006 6:21 AM  

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