Tuesday, April 11, 2006

The Mafia's Boss of Bosses, Captured After 40 + BLEEPIN' Years on the LAM!!!
April 11 (Bloomberg) -- Sicilian Mafia boss Bernardo Provenzano was arrested in an abandoned country house above his native town of Corleone after almost 43 years as a fugitive, police and magistrates said.
Provenzano, 73, had been the boss of bosses of the Sicilian mob, known as Cosa Nostra, since the previous Don, Salvatore Riina, was captured in 1993. He was Italy's most wanted fugitive.
``This is a great victory for the state,'' said Maurizio De Lucia, an anti-mafia magistrate at the Palermo courthouse. ``It wasn't acceptable that after almost 43 years this man was free.''
Provenzano has been convicted in absentia and given life sentences for several murders, including those of magistrates Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino in 1992. Provenzano is one of the men responsible for the rise of the Corleone family to the apex of Cosa Nostra, and earned the nickname in his youth of ``the tractor'' because he mowed down everything in his path.
Palermo magistrates De Lucia, Michele Prestipino, and Antonino Di Matteo have led the search for the boss from Corleone, birthplace of Mario Puzo's fictional ``Godfather,'' for about a decade. Provenzano was the undisputed leader of Europe's most powerful crime syndicate, suspected of having about 5,000 members, magistrates said.

Now hang on to yer hats there partners... It took Italy 40 some odd bleepin' years to track this asswipe down on a pissant Italian Island and people are happy about this? Yet the same mentality and local liberal prawns wind up getting their collective underwear in a snit and wad that the US hasn't been able to track down, capture and I pray KILL the mass mudering Islamo Facist, 6 foot something, skunk bearded, inbred bedu from Saudi of Yemini decent named Osama after 5 little years? HUH? I think I would give the US some slack in the "Haven't been able to WHACK OSAMA" department, compared to the unnacceptable inability of the Italians to track down an "OLD FART" playing bocce and sipping VINO. Undoubtably this "Most Wanted" Mob Boss had more than few thousand people "whacked" ala Tony Soprano in 40 some bleepin' years on the lam. Methinks the truth is the Italians didn't want to catch Mr. Mob Boss. I can tell you for a fact that the US wants to catch OBL.


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