Monday, January 09, 2006


Delhi gets first winter ice in 70 years, Indian cold toll soars
09 January 2006 0216 hrs (SST)
NEW DELHI - The Indian capital Sunday saw its first winter frost in 70 years as a cold wave sweeping in from the Himalayas killed more people in northern India overnight, officials said. The capital city of 14 million people ordered schools shut for three days from Monday as the mercury for the first time since 1935 fell to 0.2 degrees Celsius (32.36 Fahrenheit), leaving mounds of ice on parked cars.

On January 16, 1935, Delhi recorded minus 0.6 degrees Celsius. "I was born in New Delhi and this is the first time we are seeing ice on grass," said Supriya Singh, a fashion designer. "It's just like snow ... It's heavenly." The city municipality late Sunday rushed to set up community shelters for some of the city's 150,000 homeless people as the weather office warned the severe chill would continue. "The indications are that these conditions would continue for the next two days before the temperatures rise," a spokesman for New Delhi's meteorological department told AFP. Haryana state's Karnal city, which adjoins New Delhi, also shivered at 0.1 degrees Celsius, eight degrees below normal for this time of year, he said. Nearby Churu felt the icy sting as the mercury tumbled six degrees Celsius to minus three degrees Celsius (26.6 degrees Fahrenheit) in the remote desert township, the weather office reported, adding that it was last this cold in 1974.

The cold death toll, meanwhile, rose by another nine to a total of 146 since early December as eight more people died in Uttar Pradesh, India's most populous state, and one in distant West Bengal province. Last year, some 420 people died from cold in Uttar Pradesh alone.

note: I did edit the article for space reasons. Please follow the link for the complete story. I am waiting for anyone to show me conclusive evidence that there is 'Global Warming'. The fact is there is NO conclusive evidence of Global Warming. NONE. ZERO. So why do the tree huggers continue to shove the idea down the general populations throats? Not only in the US but world wide? Seems as silly to me as drinking causes Spontaneous Human Combustion. If that is the case I should have burned up years ago.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

SIRIUS. Greek meaning "scorching."

VEGA. Arabic phrase meaning "the swooping eagle."


SPICA (Alpha Virginis). Spica, the luminary of Virgo, becomes prominent in the southeast in northern spring evenings, and can easily be found by following the curve of the Big Dipper's handle through Arcturus and then on down.


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-To the Warmth within the Sun,
Touch Heaven near Blue Star, not word, not thoughts, not far-

(or... just say you did... ahuh)

January 20, 2006 12:21 AM  

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