Thursday, February 09, 2006

A Thanks to All.............

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the people who have stopped by this humble blog and to those who shared their thoughts as well as those who have emailed me directly.

As you may have noticed I am moving this blog in a slightly new direction. I have begun doing some "Interviews" with various people and I feel for the time being at least I am going to continue down this road. There will be other posts as well but the core unit of this log will be based upon interviews, and a wide range of them as well. I might also in the future venture into a Vlog interview or two as well.

Interviewing people is something I have always enjoyed and for a period of time in my life I did some of this in the wild world of the music industry. I had much longer HAIR in those days and few more brain cells too! Though I would never call myself a "journalist", I do enjoy the process or prying into a person and seeing what they have to say and hopefully asking them something they haven't been asked before and getting the answer. In no manner am I trying to be a Geraldo or "scoop" the next big story from the pages of the Times. That would not be my style. Feel good interviews du our please!

So in the coming days I hope to have the next interview up. I won't say just who it is yet and to the two people that read this blog who do know they have been sworn to double secret secrecy!




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